European soccer cup 2012 - Get Ready for Unforgettable Experience

We are all aware that UEFA European Football Championship is held every four years this also year it's going to be co-hosted by Ukraine & Poland (new). With football enthusiastic trying difficult to grab their share of Euro cup 2012 tickets, go thru the content for an insight about real picture.
Football fans across the globe are typical set to get acquainted with second largest gathering of football enthusiastic i.e. 2012 UEFA Euro cup. This is going to be the 14th European Championship since its inception in 1960. Organized every 4 years, last time UEFA Euro Cup was hosted in 2008 by Switzerland & Austria. This year Euro Cup will be co-hosted by Ukraine & Poland and preparations are almost complete to welcome 16 teams and a huge number of their fans.
The sixteen football teams comprises of Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland (co-hosts), Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Spain (Defending Champion), Sweden, Ukraine (co-hosts, first appearance). However, Winner of 2012 UEFA Euro cup get an immediate doorway into FIFA World Cup 2014 which is possible in Brazil.
Football fans across the world trying challenging to get their Euro cup 2012 tickets, approximately 88% of ticket requests are from nations hosting the games. However currently UEFA has received 12,149,425 applications to the 574,000 seats. It is popular that UEFA provides equal share of tickets to the countries competing in Euro cup this also time the Euro cup 2012 tickets count is anticipated being 448,000 tickets. The remaining seats following your draw will likely be provided on the sponsors, VIP guests and local residents.
Talking regarding the expense of Euro cup 2012 tickets, the euro 2012 tickets prices around 30Euros (£25), which can read more rise to 600 Euros for finals. However, the majority of the Euro 2012 ticket cost is lower when compared with prices four years ago. The major uprising in prices has taken place only in top brass i.e. for final matches that have seen a hike of 5%.
Starting from 8 June 2012, 16 teams will fight for Euro Cup 2012 title at various venues across Ukraine & Poland. The Final match of 2012 UEFA Euro cup will take place in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine on 1 July, 2012. It is worth mentioning that major rule modifications will require place after European soccer cup 2012. According to reports, Euro 2016 will dsicover 24 teams participating rather than 16 teams.
In addition to above facts, audience will witness Slavek and Slavko because European soccer cup 2012 mascots. Also, with Spain being favorite team & defending champion, Germany & England will try difficult to get hands on Euro cup this season. With teams awaiting June 8th 2012, footballs fans will definitely see live action making use of their favorite players running for the goal.

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